Welcome to the Munky Haus!

I am your host, Brad Miller.

This site was created to serve not only as an online portfolio of my current work, but also to make an archive of my photographs available to commercial clients as well as music and photography fans. In this labyrinth of photos you will find vintage classics of Uncle Tupelo and the Jesus Lizard, more recent photos of Dave Navarro and Velvet Revolver, as well as personal artwork including my current book project, "Strange Girls!", a collection of erotic carnival sideshow photographs. If you prefer instead to quickly view a single gallery showing a cross-section of recent work go back outside and use the "Drive Thru".

Though I served in the Navy as a photographer, I am largely "self taught", my formal training being in acting. I started photographing my friend's bands while living in Minneapolis trying to get my own band off the ground. Among these was "Babes in Toyland", whom I photographed for their first 7" on Treehouse records for the exorbitant sum of $40. Growing tired of bartending to support my art habit, I turned to photography as a profession and moved home to Chicago where I soon found myself shooting for a variety of magazines and record labels. Though I still shoot extensively in Chicago and New York, my family and I now make our home in the sunnier climes of Los Angeles. This move has inadvertently facilitated a return to acting as well. Check the "Live Shows" link for details of upcoming performances and gallery shows.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Munky Haus. Don't forget to visit the Souvenir Shop on the way out.

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